The Major Challenge for the Motivational Speaker

Motivation There is only one major challenge for the motivational speaker—PREPARING THE SELF. This means becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

While the items on the preparation checklist for the speaker–researching about the audience, the occasion, and the topic assignment, writing the speech, preparing audio/visual aids, and rehearsing the presentation—can be accomplished in a short period of time, preparing the self is a difficult and long process.

The speakers whose main purpose is to motivate and inspire are expected to be at their best every time they deliver a speech. It is, therefore, necessary for them to invest on their physical, mental and emotional health. What does this mean?

Being physically prepared –

A motivational speaker always has a busy schedule. Getting roughly eight hours of sleep daily is always hard for him to achieve. Travelling to various places is also part of his busy life, and so does attending to more than one speaking engagement a day. All these make his task undoubtedly tiring, which could make the immune system weaker and hence, make his body more susceptible to illness.

Like for any other public speaker, a physically healthy body is an invaluable investment to the motivational speaker. It is necessary in accomplishing the things that need to be done to succeed in every speaking engagement he attends. Despite this, maintaining a physically healthy body is a very challenging task to him. To successfully prepare and make up for his restless days, he always has to make sure that he receives enough of the nutrients his body needs.

He can do this by having nutritious meals, maintaining a healthy diet, and taking vitamins (as well as medications, if any). He can also ensure physical preparedness by regularly consulting a physician. Getting enough exercise is also crucial if he wishes to become physically fit, although there’s really no need to spend countless hours in the gym or to do all sorts of extreme routines.

The mentally-prepared body –

Being physically prepared is not enough. A speaker who motivates also has to be mentally prepared all the time. It would not only make his speech writing easier; it would also make sure that everything he shares in his speech is relevant. Furthermore, it would prepare him in addressing unexpected questions and clarifications from his listeners during his presentation.

Preparing the self mentally is definitely not an easy task. It is a lifelong commitment to searching for knowledge. To become truly mentally prepared, the speaker has to constantly study and read books, update himself on current events, and regularly engage himself in intellectual and social discussions.

Being emotionally prepared –

MotivationalLastly, a fully prepared self is emotionally flexible. A public speaker always meets different types of listeners—from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic, and from the least sensitive to the most emotional. In order to become successful in motivational speaking, a public speaker should be flexible enough to be able to handle and adapt himself to the emotional state of his listeners.

Only the speaker who is truly emotionally prepared and who has a good understanding of the various emotional states of human beings can do this. Furthermore, the motivational speaker should follow his own “teachings”. He should be motivated, inspired, and high-spirited every time he speaks before a public audience, thus the necessity to become emotionally healthy. How can the speaker do this? As the old saying goes, “Always start with the self.”

Preparing the self physically, mentally and emotionally—the major challenge for the successful motivational speaker—is definitely not easy. However, for the speaker who believes he can handle this challenge and constantly works hard, becoming physically, mentally and emotionally healthy is always within reach.



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 The Top Motivational Speakers always has a busy schedule. Despite this, maintaining a physically healthy body is a very challenging task to him.

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Accessories

Golf Accessories Exploring your interest and passion will be one of the most exciting parts of your life. The first time that you hit the course, you will feel a certain kind of rush that will give you the feeling that you, along with your clubs, can take over the gold. However, this surge of adrenaline is what usually causes beginners to spend unnecessarily on golf accessories.

While there is nothing wrong with investing on things that will help you hone and perfect your skills, you still have to make sure that you do not spend an unnecessary amount of money for your new passion and hobby. Here are some pointers that you should consider before you take your first step towards building your collection of golfing accessories. Go through them and use them in determining which accessories will hold the most value for you.

It’s More than Just Looking like a Golfer

All golf accessories are produced and designed to cater to certain golfing needs. They are more than mere artifacts and ornaments that you can use to look good as you hit the course. Every single accessory that you will find serves a purpose in improving the skills and techniques of the one who is using them.

For this reason, you should research and find out about the essential accessories that will have big impact on the way that you play golf. Yes, you can pick out the options that best fit your fashion philosophy, but you also have to make sure that you stick to the choices that best fulfill their purpose.

Establish a Budget

Golf can be quite an expensive hobby. Investing on the bare essentials will set you back by a certain amount, without you splurging on incidental accessories that are mere nice-to-haves. For this reason, you have to establish a budget even before you start looking around for golf accessories. If you can list down the accessories that you are planning to buy and assign specific values for them, then that would be the best thing.

In establishing your budget, you have to wisely identify which accessories are worth spending big money on. Golf gloves and gold club carriers, for example, are necessities that you will not be able to do without. They are also accessories that you will be able to use for years to come. For this reason, it is absolutely acceptable for you to allot a big chunk of your accessories budget on them.

Quality over Quantity

Golf-AccessoriesThere are different kinds of golf accessories that you can buy in order to complete your collection. However, this does not mean that you should spend money for all of them just so you can start playing golf! You do not even need to buy a lot of a certain kind of accessory in order to achieve your full potential.

Quality is key. Without a doubt, it will be better for you to fill your golfing arsenal with high quality and high ticket items that will present you the best value for your investment, instead of splurging on a lot of little things that you will end up not using anyway.

Achieve Superior Style

Style should always be your main concern – your playing style, that is. Before you go shopping, you have to determine the playing style and technique that you use when you step on the course. After that, you can determine the golf accessories that you need in order to boost your game. Your accessories complement your style as a golfer and help you stay comfortable and at ease as you work the course.

Rubber Wristbands: How The Trend Started

Have you wondered how rubber wristbands became trendy?

You can see almost everyone wearing a rubber wristband. Since the “Live Strong” bracelet was released, these became popular and were used in different campaigns.
While the “Live Strong” bracelet helped make it a trend, it was already in the market for a long time. There are only a few people who knew about it after its earlier transitions that came in and out of fashion.

How did wearing rubber wristband started?

People started wearing rubber wristbands during the 1970’s. These were colored black as part of the anti-jewelry sentiment. It only became popular when celebrities wore them during the 1980’s. These, however, were not made of rubber but of silicone.
During the 1990’s these wristbands became available in thinner forms and different colors. These bracelets were called Jelly Wristbands which became popular among teens.

Teens swapped their jelly wristbands with friends and wore more than one color. Later on, these were banned in school grounds due to their sexual implications even if it was considered a myth.Wristbands

A new type of rubber bracelet became popular after the Jelly Wristbands. These are thicker bands which were used to tie up broccoli and asparagus. People would take these bands off and wear it instead. It became a fad that manufacturers started selling these with cute messages printed on it. After a while, these bracelets faded from the limelight since it was uncomfortable to wear. These bands were made of real rubber and, unlike, this material stick to the skin and hair. I can also snap easily.

Rubber wristbands became popular once more when Lance Armstrong introduced the Live Strong bracelets. It was used as a fund-raising item for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
The Lance Armstrong Foundation was established in 1997 after Armstrong survived cancer. It was started to help with cancer research and support both families and patients battling cancer.Visit for more details about rubber wristbands.To help the campaign and raise funds, Armstrong teamed up with Nike to produce the Live Strong bracelets.

The Live Strong bracelets are yellow colored gel bracelets. These were commonly worn during sporting events. In 2004, these became a popular accessory in the United States and had 80 million bands sold worldwide.

Since the Live Strong wristbands became popular, different companies and organizations started using rubber wristbands in campaigns. These were customized, with their own messages printed on the bands, and were used as giveaway items or sold as fund-raising items.

Kids and Rubber Loom Bands Wearing rubber bracelets have taken a new form with loom bands.

Loom bands are colorful, interwoven small rubber bands. These were woven using a plastic loom called a Rainbow Loom. Kids ages 7 to 14 use these to create bracelets which they wore themselves or exchange with friends. In some instances, these are sold. Recently, these bands became popular among adults, especially those with kids. Some of them even created their own instructional videos that feature different loom band designs.Rubber Bracelets

Due to loom bands’ popularity, different companies and organizations started using it as another type of bracelet for their giveaways and fund raising items. And like other rubber bracelets, these were also customized.

Rubber wristbands are not really made of rubber but mostly of silicon. Before you try it on, make sure it is made of plastic you are not allergic to. Some loom bands are made of latex which can cause skin allergies. If you are planning to use these in your own campaigns, check its components first.

What type of rubber was used? What color do you want? What message do you want printed on your bracelets? There are many manufacturers who can customize your bracelets for you. With their trendiness, these make great campaign materials.